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A beautiful fusion of old and new, we are excited to offer the complete Residence UPVC collection. Whether you’re embarking on a new build project or renovating an old building, Residence UPVC windows and doors perfectly suit any traditional or modern home.

Quintessentially British

An eclectic blend of traditional aesthetics and innovative design. Residence UPVC is a window and door system designed to authentically replicate classic 19th Century timber, found in heritage properties throughout the UK, with all the technological advances of modern composite UPVC material which is virtually maintenance free – no painting or staining required!

Residence UPVC has many bespoke options that can satisfy a broad spectrum of homes, from grand stately estates, through to Georgian and Victorian properties and homes of the present day. It has also been approved in many conservation areas.

Residence Collection

Classic with a twist

The differences in the Residence systems are as follows:

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Residence R9 Windows

Residence R9 is mechanically jointed and sculptured to look like a traditional timber window internally. The depth of the window is 100mm from front to back.

Residence9 - R9 windows & doors - Residence Collection

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Residence R7 Windows

Residence R7 is based on a modern day window, but still flushed sash with the option of three internal glazing beads to personalise the style. The depth of the window is 75mm from front to back.

Residence7 - R7 windows & doors - Residence Collection

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Residence RD Door Solutions

Residence RD is a door solution for each Residence system. Whether you want to match with the Residence windows or choose an alternative system to distinguish the door differently, they all complement together perfectly.

Residence Doors - RD windows & doors - Residence Collection

Sophisticated Performance - Residence Systems

Sophisticated Performance

  • All Residence systems can accommodate 28mm double or 44mm triple highly efficient glazed units, achieving market leading thermal and acoustic performance.
  • Residence UPVC achieves one of the highest classifications on the British Standard weather test due to its robust, thermally efficient 9 and 7 chamber designs.
  • All systems achieve a certified window energy A++ WER
  • High security performance as the glass is bonded to the sash and an internal glazing bead.  All systems boast screw retention reinforcements meaning locks and hinges are secured firmly into position.
  • Maintenance free UPVC with the added benefit of ‘easy clean’ rebates that are fully foiled to match the chosen internal colour of your window.



Personalise your Residence windows with one of the beautifully authentic monkey tail or pear drop designed handles for that real traditional appearance. For real character why not add a peg stay too?

Not what you are after? No drama, any of our UPVC handles can be used instead.

Butt Hinges

With a choice of dummy butt hinges or working butt hinges as a bespoke option, it’s easy to retain the original timber window aesthetic or create a new feature. Both provide an authentic kerbside appearance in exquisite ironmongery. Working butt hinges have an added advantage of a perfectly clear opening, which can be an ideal solution for fire escape windows. Dummy butt hinges can be paired with modern egress and friction hinges.

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Heritage Colour Scheme

Heritage Colour Scheme

A very diverse colour palette is at your disposal, consisting of an eclectic mix of authentic finishes covering a number of architectural styles. We can offer everything from timeless classics like Grained White to contemporary favourites such as Cotswold Green.

Make your windows and doors truly individual by selecting dual colours. Complement your interior designs by tailoring your internal colour by room and choose an external colour that creates the signature first impression to suit your exterior.

Residence Collection Colour Charts